Concord, MA

We typically fall in love with palm trees and clear blue waters, not shocking, we know. But, on a recent Boston trip, we spent some time in historical Concord, and fell a little head over heels with a different type of environment.


Built in 1770, The Old Manse at first glance, is surprisingly magical. But, after delving into a bit of its history, it's easy to understand why.

This was the place of a literary revolution. Transcendentalism. In its backyard, by the North Bridge, the gun shots that launched the Revolutionary War were fired. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne both resided here. Henry David Thoreau planted a vegetable garden. Notoriously brilliant historical figures occupied this space and you can almost feel that energy when walking the grounds.


Eerie in the best way possible, right? It's almost as though there is a supernatural element. Just hauntingly beautiful.