Our Story

Alekka is an all-encompassing fashion experience highlighting the essential elements that create style: art, culture, travel and design. 

Our goal is to be your source for the world's best uncovered treasures. Our site seeks to bring a personalized touch to the world of e-commerce, making it an essential platform for style inspiration among likeminded fashion enthusiasts. We are the wanderlust lover's go-to shopping destination for inspired accessories by rising stars in fashion. 

While the spotlight frequently shines on the same names, we promise to offer something different to those favoring the eclectic. We give emerging talent the chance to be discovered while offering shoppers truly unique products in one designated place.

Inspired by our founder's personal travels and international finds, the pieces sold on site are deeply rooted in showcasing different cultures from around the world. We scour the global markets for original pieces to sell in limited quantities, bringing an exclusive element to your wardrobe and home. We aim to capture the spirit of a life well-lived through fashion by offering standout accessories. Here you will find authentic artisanal products that embody the spirit and cultures of our travel destinations. 

"The Alekka shopper strives to explore the definition of fashion and to better understand herself through style. She remains openminded, defining fashion on her own terms and through her own experiences. She is a style adventurer, not a trend follower. She is eager to learn, and to take that newfound knowledge and creativity and implement it not only into her wardrobe, but her lifestyle as well."  - Alexandra Voyatzakis, Founder and CEO.