This Australian beauty opens up about the ins and outs of the land down under.



What pieces and/or designers in your closet do you find yourself wearing again and again?

I wear a lot of denim, vintage denim and new designer denim, I have piles and piles of denim heaped on my shelves. I also love my classic shirting collection, my large black Leather Baggu and I switch between my R.M.Williams leather boots, my black leather Birkenstocks and a pair of black Nike Frees constantly. Classic tailoring, beautiful soft cotton tees, great denim and comfortable shoes in a minimal palette. And a few pieces of my jewellery of course haha!




Favorite dining spots?

‘The Survey Co.’ on Burnett Lane in Brisbane City. Incredible food with a great atmosphere, beautiful lighting and handmade leather furniture. My favourite. ‘Pearl café’ in Wooloongabba, Brisbane for breakfast and ‘The Commons’ in Surry Hills, Sydney for any meal and time of the day, they change the menu all the time and it is always superb.




Where in the world do you travel to for peace of mind?

The beaches of Mexico! I just arrived home in Australia after spending a month in Mexico travelling with my boyfriend. My favourite beach locations were Puerto Escondido and Tulum. My favourite city was Taxco, a beautiful little colonial city full of cobble stone streets full of white VW beetles, rendered white walls, red tiled roofs, flower boxes, delicious food, music, the finest quality silver craftsmanship and loads of smiling faces.




What’s currently on your nightstand?

The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda, the latest issue of Russh magazine, my design journal and a beautiful candle, a gift from my brother.




Workout regimen?

I like to run on the beach with my dog and swim in the ocean. Every day if I can.




In terms of emerging designers, who is reinventing the wheel?

Marques Almeida & Jaquemus are two favourites for their fresh, raw, minimal and real aesthetics. I love Thursday Sunday in Australia for their ethically minded stance on fashion having all of their production done in Australia. Mara, one half of TS, has her mum involved in the business, hand knitting their woven pieces. I own their AW14 chunky cream jumper and matching beanie and they are of such a beautiful quality.




Any beauty rituals you swear by?

Moisturizing after a shower in the morning and the same again before bed, not wearing makeup very often, lots of sleep, swims in the ocean, herbal tea and eating lots of avocado!




What music are you currently listening to?

Blood Orange & Charles Murdoch in the studio. Velvet Underground, Bonobo and Otis Redding at home on vinyl.




Any art galleries you frequent? Who is hanging on your walls?

G.O.M.A in Brisbane. I love collecting Australian art. I own an amazing piece by Sean Morris and a beautiful watercolour by Justin Williams. I love the work of Dane Lovett, who has just relocated to New York and I would really love to invest in some sculptural pieces, but I haven’t yet because I would like to try sculpture myself haha!




Go-to libation?

St George Terrier Gin, with fresh cucumber & soda from The End bar in West End, Brisbane.




What film could you watch over and over?

Different films for different moods, but my top five would be: A Single Man, The Royal Tenenbaums, Clueless, Drop Dead Fred & Annie Hall.