What pieces and/or designers in your closet do you find yourself wearing again and again?

I am a terrible shopper. I get super excited by interesting colors and shapes and always end up buying kooky pieces that I can’t ever work into a normal outfit. And I never have enough basics because they are too hard to shop for- so boring! For these two reasons this is a very difficult question for me to answer- the things I love I really do not wear very often. But now that I think of it there are maybe a few pieces- my navy velvet Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, my Helmut Lang t-shirts- the ones that are long in the front, low pointy pale peach Celine heels. These things are so worn out I really should learn to buy in multiples.




Favorite dining spots?

I just moved to the arts district in downtown LA and there are really way too many good restaurants around her that are ruining my wedding diet! Hama Sushi has become our go to sushi bar. It is tiny- just a sushi bar, ervy simple and traditional sushi, and lots of chefs eat there. I also love Bestia- really yummy Middle Eastern influenced dishes like tender lamb neck smothered in fresh herbs and pomegranate seeds.




Where in the world do you travel to for peace of mind?

Anywhere that has warm water beaches! Last year my fiancé convinced me to get my scuba diving certification, which I did very reluctantly, but it is life changing and the most peaceful meditative thing in the world. All our vacations now revolve around going to places with beautiful things to see underwater. The Cayman Islands is by far one of my favorites- the water is so warm you can dive in a bikini.




What’s currently on your nightstand?

Psychos- the new White Girl Problems book- it is extremely entertaining. By Terry Baume de Rose- my favorite lip balm. A goat skull. Framed photo booth strips from last Halloween (I was a burro piñata- homemade of course!).




Workout regimen?

I love trying every new fad workout but always find myself turning back to classical reformer pilates. It has been around for so long and very often I encounter older women in great shape who say pilates is their secret. It is not a hardcore workout but I think it is the kindest to your body. 




In terms of emerging designers, who is reinventing the wheel?

I do not keep up with the fashion world too much, I am much more immersed in the world of architecture and interior design. I really love Kelly Wearstler, though my own personal taste is a little more traditional than hers. I think she mixes all kinds of furnishings and objects people would consider literally garbage- like the most random odds and ends from the 70’s and 80’s, and transforms them into something amazing by virtue of how she arranges and mixes them into a room.




Any beauty rituals you swear by?

I am not a fan of the whole oil fad- coconut oil, primrose oil, etc- it does not work for my skin at all, and I have tried them all- I am a HUGE product junkie. What is a staple for me is L-ascorbic acid powder (pure vitamin c)- mixing a bit into a squirt of moisturizer every day and applying to my face. My friend advised I do this and I was skeptical despite her amazing skin, so I searched for real, university sponsored research and found that there is a TON of conclusive evidence that vitamin C does wonders for your skin. The vitamin quickly and thus is not very effective in many products, but mixing it fresh into your moisturizer every morning has delivered some awesome results for me. You can order the powder online from all kinds of companies.




What music are you currently listening to?

I am loving Lykke Li’s new album. I hear all kinds of 90’s influences in there- esp. Radiohead, but with her own spin.




Any art galleries you frequent? Who is hanging on your walls?

I love my friend’s online art gallery called The Tappan Collective. She has an eclectic mix of great stuff, and one of my favorite artists is Jay Ezra- he takes amazing photos of buildings from angles that are both wonderful and strange, which emphasize beautiful shapes and forms in the architecture one would not normally notice, and totally abstract the buildings. 




Go-to libation?

Tequila and grapefruit juice!




What film could you watch over and over?

The Royal Tenenbaums/ most Wes Anderson films, Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette/ most her other films, and Ferris Beuler’s Day Off. 



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