We're fairly certain that for the last four to five days your instagram feed has been inundated with all sorts of artistic and/or obscure images.

Ours, too. But, here's the thing. We really love art. So, even after attending Miami's Art Basel last winter, we couldn't wait to jump on a ferry that would cross murky waters to Manhattan's Randall's Island

We'll confess that contemporary art isn't our most prized genre, but that's not to say we don't appreciate the magical talent that exists today. It's more of the conceptual art that doesn't always strike our fancy. But hey, to each their own.

Below you will find pieces that truly caught our eye, and pieces we would definitely hang in our personal art gallery. If we had one.

Eric Fischl



Secundino Hernandez



Jules de Balincourt



Nick Cave



Peter Joseph 



 Daniel Gordon 



 Scott Olson 



 Sue Williams 



Uwe Kowski 



Voker Hüller


And finally, as expected, our favorite piece included a larger than life vintage matter and map collage. From a gallery in Greece. Fate?


By Antonis Donef