Welcome to Miami

  We didn't major in Art History during college, although we would if we could start those four years over. So, instead we're schooling ourselves in the subject of art with loads of reading material. But, what better way to learn than a hands on experience? A field trip to Miami during Art Basel was just what this professor ordered.
Zhu Jinshi
Peter Tunney
Josh Smith
The convention center was packed with fantastical art as expected, but what we treasured most was getting lost among the Wynwood Walls. The color that was spattered everywhere swallowed us whole. The street art is urban and edgy; sophisticated and modern, but also old school and new. In other words, loads of contrast. It's a city of art, which is a bit more captivating than, say, a museum.
This is also the neighborhood where we discovered our favorite art piece / accessory!
As for the culinary art, when you're in Miami next, try dining at some of our favorite spots:
 Japanese at Katsuya...
...and Italian at Cecconi's
And naturally, spend most of your hours in the water. We were most likely mermaids in a past life.