Photo Journal: Greece

Whether you're roaming the ancient capital city of Athens, walking by the ghost of Socrates at the Acropolis, sipping wine by the water on Mykonos, or taking in oceanic views and history lessons on the island of Crete, Greece will never fail to offer you a surreal experience. Trust us, we travel to the country every year, and fall head over heels in crazy love each time.

 In Athens, and really all of Greece, stumbling upon ruins is just part of a daily routine. Archaic cities are found underneath the modern streets; the more they dig, the more they find, and the more two worlds coexist.

We have to admit, we do favor the islands.


Crete is the largest island to grace Greece, and it's packed with tremendous beauty. Ancient Minoan civilizations, like Knossos, tiny yet lively villages, busy cities and beautiful beaches. 

Below is the island of Spinalonga, in Elounda. Cut from mainland Crete during Venetian occupation, it was repurposed as a means of defense. In addition, it was also used as a leper colony. Films have been made and books have been written about this tiny island that garners much attention. Might we suggest picking up The Island, by Victoria Hislop? We promise you won't be able to put it down.

And of course, Mykonos. The notorious island is full of youth, crazy fun and life, but also hardworking families that keep the island a covetable travel destination. The classic white homes with their brightly colorful accents? Yes, those are there, too.