Tastemaker Tuesday


We're beyond thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with the oh, so talented fashion illustrator, Meagan Morrison. Our adoration of fashion, travel and art blend together beautifully in these captivating illustrations
And now, more about Meagan!  


What pieces and/or designers in your closet do you find yourself wearing again and again?
I have a few pieces of jewelry that are my everyday essentials. I feel naked when I’m not wearing them. I adore my Henri Bendel deluxe stack ring. I’ve repurchased it three times now from all the wear and tear I put it through. I also love my Ayaka Nishi Bone Bracelet in Thai gold. It’s such a unique design and was one of the first purchases I ever made when I started out as a fashion illustrator. It holds a great deal of sentimental value for me.  
Favorite dining spots?
I’ve been living in the West Village for the past four years now and have become completely addicted to some of the spots around my apartment. I love Morandi on Waverly Place. The burrata is heavenly and the ambiance is always relaxed and inviting. I’m also a big fan of Extra Virgin on West 4th for midweek brunches. They have the sweetest patio out front, which feels really cozy and removed from the chaos of Manhattan.
Where in the world do you travel to for peace of mind?
 Anywhere outside of the city offers me perspective and peace of mind, even if it’s just a road trip upstate or a visit home to my family in Toronto. To be honest, I don’t find international travel all that relaxing. When I go abroad I feel a certain responsibility to document all that I’m experiencing for my social media. Travel, especially more exotic travel, has become a big part of my brand. In many ways it feels like work, even if it’s meant to be vacation.
What’s currently on your nightstand?
Illustration Now!, Fashionable Selby, and the last two issues of SUITCASE Magazine.
Workout regimen?
I’ve very recently gotten into SoulCyle. If I have to sweat in public, I would prefer it be in a dark, candlelit room. Otherwise I walk, rather than ride the subway or cab, to as many places as possible in the city.  
In terms of emerging designers, who is reinventing the wheel?
I deeply admire Rosie Assoulin and her design perspective. Everything she does feels so new. I love her dramatic silhouettes and graphic use of color. Her work is so modern and architectural but still feels incredibly feminine. Her end goal may very well be the same as other designers, to make women feel beautiful, but her approach is unlike anything I’ve seen in the past ten years.
Any beauty rituals you swear by?
Sleep, exercise, and water. I also think a great vacation, a truly relaxing one, can soften the lines on your face.
What music are you currently listening to?
Majestic Casual, Satin Jackets, Drake (I am from Toronto :), and PartyNextDoor.
Any art galleries you frequent? Who is hanging on your walls?
I try to do a Chelsea Gallery walk every month if I can. I always leave with my creative wheels spinning. I love Anton Kern, Mary Boone, and David Zwirner. The only art hanging on my walls is my own and I have to laugh. It isn’t because I’m a complete narcissist but rather that I’m constantly referencing works I’ve done in the past for new pieces I’m creating. I like to see the cohesion in my style and story.
Go-to libation?
What film could you watch over and over?
Eat, Pray, Love or Under the Tuscan Sun! I love movies with strong female protagonists on a journey of self-discovery in a foreign country.   
Most coveted decade for fashion?
I adore old hollywood glamour. I love 1950's Grace Kelly To Catch A Thief.  Her look was so utterly feminine and she carried herself with such ease and poise. People often tell me that I'm an old soul or that I channel that classic 50's retro look with my blonde hair. I suppose I'm really drawn to fashion that flatters the female form.