What pieces and/or designers in your closet do you find yourself wearing again and again?

I'm pretty much obsessed with anything Rag and Bone.  Their jeans and tops along with Alexander Wang's T-shirts are my everyday go-to and I love Equipment's oversized cashmere sweaters.  I like to keep my wardrobe pretty simple and basic and these three brands never disappoint.  



Favorite dining spots?

In LA I love Lukshon in Culver City.  It has unique flavors and is always boasting something new and clever for the palate.  But my all time favorite place to eat is Bell Street Farm in Los Alamos.  They have the most divine olives and this pork belly sandwich that is to die for, paired with a glass of Rose and I'm the happiest girl around.



Where in the world do you travel to for peace of mind?

Westport, WA.  It's this amazing little sleepy fishing town.  I go every summer and feel completely rejuvenated after.



What’s currently on your nightstand?

'The Dud Avocado" by Elaine Dundy.  A girlfriend just passed it on to me last night so I'm excited to start it soon!



Workout regimen?

Pilates, I love pilates and try to do it 3 times a week, usually I do it once.




In terms of emerging designers, who is reinventing the wheel?

I never really know what constitutes an emerging designer.  Jesse Kamm I think is a force to be reckoned with though.  She's very forward and mindful in her designs, practice and vision.  



Any beauty rituals you swear by?

I'm the worst with this, I use hand soap to wash my face but I do love Anastasia's Hydrating Oil.  My skin is dry (probably because I use hand soap) so this makes it feel refreshed.



What music are you currently listening to?

I can't stop playing our Os Mutante's radio station on Spotify.  I love their music and everything else they throw in with it on that station like, Fabienne Del Sol and Smith.  It's a fun, eclectic mix that I can't get enough of.



Any art galleries you frequent? Who is hanging on your walls?

I love Pastoral artwork.  I find it so pleasant to look at after a long and wild day.  We have many pieces handed down through my family up around our house and my husband and I love visiting LACMA together.  My favorite place however is the Natural History Museum in LA.  They have an amazing gem hall and I get lost in there for hours.



Go-to libation?

My husband is quite the wiz when it comes to cocktails so I feel like this is always changing depending on what is fresh in our yard to work with and what new liquers he's picked up.  Some of our friends gave us a bottle of their family's gin recently, so lately its been a gin martini with a freshly pickled tomatillo garnish. 



What film could you watch over and over?

Thoroughly Modern Millie.  I normally get so bored watching a movie more than once but this one I've watched probably once a year, ever since I was a little girl!


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