The 12 R's with Dylana Suarez

Dylana Suarez: Stylist / Photographer / Blogger 
What pieces and/or designers in your closet do you find yourself wearing again and again?
I can never stop wearing my distressed leather jacket from Diesel. It’s so punk and perfectly worn in. I can throw it on over anything and it instantly adds that cool factor. It’s so comfy and oversized, too.
I also love my Siwy Denim boyfriend jeans. I have a few different pairs and I can’t get enough! Mine are all torn up and so, so soft. You can’t get any better weekend denim than from Siwy.
Favorite dining spots?
I love Five Leaves in Greenpoint, Cafe Magador in Williamsburg, Saigon Shack in Noho, and Mother’s Ruin in Nolita.
Where in the world do you travel to for peace of mind?
I travel to an island in Hawaii or a beach in Bali. I haven’t been to either in a while, so I think its time for a trip soon!
What’s currently on your nightstand?
I am reading The Diary of Anaïs Nin. She was such a free spirit and I loved her vision of the world and how she translated her experiences it via words. She had no filter, she saw it all and she lived life to the fullest and wanted to experience everything. She is such an inspiration to me.
Workout regimen?
I try to make it to the gym at least two to three times a week. I love doing the elliptical and then hitting up all the weight machines. One of my favorite mat workouts consists of crunches and a medicine ball. I’ve gotten really good at it, and they definitely have helped with my goal of abs of steel! Ha. I also love taking dance classes here and there to switch things up.
In terms of emerging designers, who is reinventing the wheel?
I really love the brand Junim out of LA. The majority of the the designer's ( Haley Solar) pieces are hand-dyed in dreamy shades of pastels. Purples, pinks, blues. I always feel magical in one of her designs.
Any beauty rituals you swear by?
I swear by Estelle & Thilde’s BioDefence Multi-Nutrient Youth Oil. It literally revamps the condition of your skin overnight. Spots, dryness, discoloration, etc. It’s all taken care of with this one serum. It really has worked wonders for me!
What music are you currently listening to?
I am currently listening to SWIMM (a feel good psychedelic rock band), Holy Ghost! (for when I really am in the mood to dance), and The Weeknd.
Any art galleries you frequent? Who is hanging on your walls?
I actually don’t hit up enough galleries as I should, although I am a regular at the MET and the Brooklyn Museum, and I love to check out their new exhibits. Right now my apartment has my favorite print of John Lennon in his New York City tank, a picture taken of him by photographer Bob Gruen. It’s so timeless.
Go-to libation?
A mojito in the summertime, but I love a light Belgian Ale in the winter!
What film could you watch over and over?
Now & Then. It is the epitome of summertime friendships, which I feel like I can watch all year round, no matter what the season. Plus, its based in 1970s middle America. Everything was so blooming during this decade.
Most coveted decade for fashion? In which time period would you have lived, and how does it inspire your way of dressing? 

I would definitely have to say the 1920s. I love the mindset of the 1920’s flapper woman. She was eager, liberated, and ready to explore and escape the confines of what it was to be a woman at that time. This totally showed through in the fashion during this decade. Straight down dresses and fringe, all with a sultry air to them. They wore clothing that danced with them, and I’m all for that.  
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